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• High Performance, Low Power AVR® 8-Bit Microcontroller
• Advanced RISC Architecture
   - 135 Powerful Instructions – Most Single Clock Cycle Execution
   - 32x8 General Purpose Working Registers
   - Fully Static Operation
   - Up to 16 MIPS Throughput at 16 MHz and 1.8V
   - On-Chip 2-cycle Multiplier
• Non-volatile Program and Data Memories
   - 128K Bytes of In-System Self-Programmable Flash
• Endurance: 10’000 Write/Erase Cycles @ 125°C (25’000 Cycles @ 85°C)
   - 4K Bytes EEPROM
• Endurance: 20’000 Write/Erase Cycles @ 125°C (100’000 Cycles @ 25°C)
   - 16K Bytes Internal SRAM
• JTAG (IEEE std. 1149.1 compliant) Interface
   - Boundary-scan Capabilities According to the JTAG Standard
   - Extensive On-chip Debug Support
   - Programming of Flash EEPROM, Fuses and Lock Bits through the JTAG interface
• Peripheral Features
   - Multiple Timer/Counter & PWM channels
   - Real Time Counter with Separate Oscillator
   - 10-bit, 330 ks/s A/D Converter; Analog Comparator; On-chip Temperature Sensor
   - Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface
   - Two Programmable Serial USART
   - Byte Oriented 2-wire Serial Interface
• Advanced Interrupt Handler
• Watchdog Timer with Separate On-Chip Oscillator
• Power-on Reset and Low Current Brown-Out Detector
• Advanced Power Save Modes
• Fully integrated Low Power Transceiver for 2.4 GHz ISM Band
   - Supported Data Rates: 250 kb/s and 500 kb/s, 1 Mb/s, 2 Mb/s
   - -100 dBm RX Sensitivity; TX Output Power up to 3.5 dBm
   - Hardware Assisted MAC (Auto-Acknowledge, Auto-Retry)
   - 32 Bit IEEE 802.15.4 Symbol Counter
   - Baseband Signal Processing
   - SFD-Detection, Spreading; De-Spreading; Framing ; CRC-16 Computation
   - Antenna Diversity and TX/RX control
   - TX/RX 128 Byte Frame Buffer
• Hardware Security (AES, True Random Generator)
• Integrated Crystal Oscillators (32.768 kHz & 16 MHz, external crystal needed)
• I/O and Package
   - 38 Programmable I/O Lines
   - 64-pad QFN (RoHS/Fully Green)
• Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C Industrial
• Supply voltage range 1.8V to 3.6V with integrated voltage regulators
• Ultra Low Power consumption (1.8 to 3.6V) for Rx/Tx & AVR: <18.6 mA
   - CPU Active Mode (16MHz): 4.1 mA
   - 2.4GHz Transceiver: RX_ON 12.5 mA / TX 14.5 mA (maximum TX output power)
   - Deep Sleep Mode: <250nA @ 25°C
• Speed Grade: 0 – 16 MHz @ 1.8 – 3.6V


• ZigBee® / IEEE 802.15.4-2006/2003™ – Full And Reduced Function Device (FFD/RFD)
• General Purpose 2.4GHz ISM Band Transceiver with Microcontroller
• RF4CE, SP100, WirelessHART™, ISM Applications and IPv6 / 6LoWPAN

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Development Kits etc.

Provider Tool name Order Number
Atmel ATmega128RFA1 Evaluation Kit ATAVR128RFA1-EK1
Atmel ATSTK500 AVR Starter Kit ATSTK500
Atmel AVR® STK600 Starter Kit ATSTK600
Atmel ATmega256RFR2 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit ATmega256RFR2-XPRO
Atmel ATmega256RFR2 Xplained Pro Starter Kit ATMEGA256RFR2-XSTK

IDEs (Compilers etc.)

Provider Tool name Order Number
IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for Atmel AVR EWAVR
IAR Systems Embedded Workbench Atmel AVR Baseline EWAVR-BL
Atmel AVR Studio® 5 AVRStudio5

JTAG Probes

Provider Tool name Order Number
Atmel JTAGICE mkII On-Chip Debug system ATJTAGICE2
Abatron AG High-speed BDM/JTAG Interface for GNU Debugger BDI3000/A & bdiGDB Firmware

Operating Systems

Provider Tool name Order Number
CMX Systems CMX-Tiny+ RTOS CMX-Tiny
CMX Systems CMX-RTX, preemptive, multi-tasking RTOS CMX-RTX
SEGGER Microcontroller embOS (Real Time Operating System) 1.xx.xx

Stacks/Protocols/File systems

Provider Tool name Order Number
CMX Systems CMX TCP/IP is a full-featured and fast TCP/IP stack CMX-TCP/IP
CMX Systems CMX-MicroNet is a very small and fast TCP/IP stack CMX-MicroNet
SEGGER Microcontroller emWin (Graphics Software and GUI) 3.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller emUSB (Embedded USB Stack) 9.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller emFile (Embedded File System) 2.xx.xx
SEGGER Microcontroller embOS/IP (TCP/IP Stack) 7.xx.xx
HCC Embedded Smart-meter File System SMFS
HCC Embedded eTaskSync Verifiable Scheduler ETASKSYNC

Wireless Evaluation Boards

Provider Tool name Order Number
Atmel RF4CE Evaluation Kit RF4CE-EK


Provider Tool name Order Number
Atmel AT18F-DK3 AT18F-DK3

General Accessories

Provider Tool name Order Number
Atmel ATAVRDB101 Display Module ATAVRDB101